Unlock Real Estate Reimagined

Real Estate Reimagined

Just one agent.
Just $3,000.

Just 3k is a listing platform where homeowners can list their properties for sale and offer a flat fee of $3,000 to the buyer’s agent at closing.

No hidden fees, no extra agents – it’s real estate, reimagined.

How It Works

Free Property Evaluation

Our market analysis will show you the optimal price to list, as well showing you all the fees included so you can know how much money you will net at the end of the sale.

Use Our Sign

You’re welcome to use our sign in the yard, directing any buyers to your listing online where they can schedule a showing with one of our approved agents.

All Agents Welcome

Any licensed agent can show the home to their clients after agreeing to the commission being offered, giving you maximum exposure to every buyer and agent in the Valley.

Pay $3,000 to Buyer’s Agent at Closing

The seller only pays the agent who brings the buyer to the table. The commission is paid through the proceeds brought by the buyer at closing.

Find a Space as Unique as You Are

Get the Latest – Straight to Your Inbox

Extensive Help Library

We’ve put together an extensive library of resources so you can know what to expect every step of the transaction – before it even happens.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Just 3K a Broker?

Just 3K is a platform for listing homes. We are brokered by RCP Real Estate LLC when we represent clients but For Sale By Owner listings are not represented by us.

What Cities Are You Operating In?

We are based out of Phoenix, Arizona and are currently operating in the greater Phoenix metro area including: Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Goodyear, Glendale, Avondale, Scottsdale, Queen Creek and other cities in the Phoenix, area.

Can You List My Home on the MLS?

Yes we can list on the MLS, but due to MLS rules we have to represent all listings on the MLS. When we list homes on the MLS, we represent sellers for a flat rate of $3,000, and we list with a buyer’s agent commissions of 2.5%. So, the difference in cost between the FSBO option  and the MLS listing is exactly 2.5%.

Why Pay For Someone Else's Agent?

If we want to keep our costs to a minimum: we needed to choose  side to have representation. If we choose sellers, we are limited to only finding buyers who don’t have agents. A lot of buyers already have agents, and they like their agents. Buyer’s also have more problems than sellers; with their financing, moving, and possibly selling their old house as well. By choosing to only represent buyers, we allow sellers to maximize their audience while keeping costs to a minimum.

How is This Different From For Sale by Owner?

This is a For Sale By Owner platform with a fixed buyer agent commission. We also handle all inbound traffic, allowing us to accomplish two things: 1) We weed out the phone calls sellers from real estate agents without buyers and 2) We show the home to buyers who currently don’t have representation. We also display MLS listings from other brokers and schedule showings for any homes buyers would like to see.

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