Master Planned Community- Small Town Feel

Anthem is a master-planned community that lies just to the north of Phoenix city limits (though part of it lies within the city of Phoenix limits). A master-planned community means that all of the amenities such as neighborhood layout, parks, stores, commercial centers, and trails were all planned before the community was ever built. It is an answer to the poorly planned urban sprawl that kind of just happened throughout most of the rest of Phoenix. Anthem was quite separated from the north of Phoenix when it was first built but Phoenix has inched closer over the years, and they are now nearly come together, making Anthem feel small and yet it is close to all the amenities that Phoenix has to offer.

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Things to do in Anthem

Being on the north edge of Phoenix, Anthem is close to hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking, while still having easy access to the north Phoenix amenities and tons of shopping and dining as well. Notable things to do is visit the many community parks that Anthem has built throughout, such as the Anthem community park. You are also close to the Daisy Mountain Railroad Park, and of course don’t miss the massive outlet mall, appropriately called Outlets at Anthem. Also nearby is the Pioneer Living History Museum, which is like a catalog of what the early settlers to the area lived in, ate, drank, and got around.

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Jennifer Gerner

Lived in Anthem: 14 years

Homes sold: 9

Hobbies: taking kids to soccer practice and reading

Overall Anthem is a great little city that has really developed into a great place to live over the years. Initially when it was still being built out it felt a little empty and distant from Phoenix, but as Phoenix has started to develeop around it, it is a quiet, well-planned community with lots of little parks and trails throughout it and still has easy access to Phoenix for work and major shopping and dining.