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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Just 3K

Just 3K is a listing platform that allows homeowners to list directly on our platform without being represented by an agent. Buyers use the site to find homes they love, or connect with real estate agents they understand. Real estate agents use the site to find properties for buyers they are already working with that other agents can’t see if they are not agreeing to our commission structure.

Is it free to list my home?

Yes. There is no upfront cost to list your home. However, in order to list on our site, you must agree to pay the buyer’s agent $3,000 at closing. When you receive an offer, it will include a document that outlines the payment structure from the buyer’s agent.

Why can't I pick my own price?

You can, but we have a suggested list range and a maximum. The reason for this is twofold:

1) When buyers come to the site, we want to ensure that all homes are a fair value.

2) When the homes don’t appraise for the contract price, it creates an extremely uncomfortable situation for everyone. Either the sellers will be very unhappy to lower to the appraised price, or have to put it back on the market again. The buyers will either have to cover the difference, or cancel the contract, lose the money they put in for inspections and appraisals, and move on to another house.

How long does it take to sell my home?

Although the exposure is less than the MLS, if the home is priced right, it will sell. And since all home sales are limited by what they will appraise for anyway, they sell for the same price. Once under contract, the average time to close is 30 days.