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AAR owns these forms and as such I cannot display them on my website. You can go get the document from here, then click “HOA Condominium Planned Community Addendum (Fillable)”.

This is one of the few forms that AAR makes available for public use.

HOA Addendum

The HOA addendum is one of the forms where the seller has an obligation to fill out part of the information before the transaction begins. You will need to know:

  • Your payment amount
  • Frequency (how often you pay)
  • Any Special Assessments (if applicable)
  • Transfer Fees
  • Capital Improvement Fees (if applicable)
  • Disclosure Fees
  • Management company (if there is one)
  • HOA phone number

Any of this information that you don’t have, the HOA should be able to provide you or else they will send you to a site where you can pay for the information, it’s usually around $30-$50.

Page 1

1) enter your name

2) enter your address

3) enter the date


8) enter the name of you main HOA and phone # if they have one

9) enter the name of the management company and phone # (one or the other must have a #)

10) enter your dues, and frequency (monthly, every other month, quarterly, yearly)

11) enter special assessments if there are any (sometimes for special projects)

12) enter master association if your HOA is within a larger HOA

13) enter master HOA management information

14) Enter master HOA dues

15) master HOA special assessments

16) any other HOA you pay dues to

17) that amount


19) transfer fees can be found out by visiting your HOA’s website or calling the HOA or management company. Down below you will choose who you want to pay the fees

21) capital improvement fees go here

23) if you have paid in advance fees, enter them here


30) disclosure fees are always charged by the HOA to search their files and prepare documents.  The max fee is $400. You have to call or visit the HOA website to get this info.

31) other fees if you know of any


34) sign and date certifying this information is true

Page 2


If the association has less than 50 units, the seller must provide the documentation


If the association has 50 or more units, the HOA must provide documentation


The buyer has 5 days to review the HOA documents, and cancel if they don’t approve. For this reason, it is important to get these to the buyer ASAP.



If the association has less than 50 units, read this section. Otherwise, title will order this from the HOA, and deliver to the buyer.

Page 3

69) leave this blank, let the buyer fill out their own name

70) write your name again

71) write your address again

72) write the date again

75) who do you think should pay the transfer fees, buyer seller or other (use other for something like split 50/50)

76) who should pay capital improvement fees? (same instructions as 75)

78) seller pays disclosure fees by AZ law


80) what to do about other fees

82) buyer can call the association to verify the fees



Anything else you want to haggle about


97) this is the buyer’s signature. leave it blank.


100) this is the seller’s signature. sign and date here!

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