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This is the inspection notice given at the end of the inspection period. It is called Buyer Inspection Notice Seller Response because the notice and the seller response are on the same document just to make things easier, rather than back and forth each time with separate documents.

Page 1

1) the date of the purchase contract, not the current date

Buyer Inspections and Investigations Completed

This section states that the buyer has been advised to do inspection of anything they could possible want, and that all inspections are complete.

  • Buyer has verified all data given to them
  • Buyer acknowledges that all inspections must be done before submitting this form
  • Buyer acknowledges they must choose one of the options below
  • Buyer cannot change their mind after delivering this notice

Buyer has 3 options

1) Accept the premises
They’ll take it as-is

2) Premises rejected
They’re not having it

3) I’ll take it if you fix these things
And then they list the things they want you to fix.

Note: Although there is no option for reducing price in this section, it is commonly put here. Technically, it should be addessed on a different document before the end of the inspection period. However, if this is on the document, and you would like to accept, you can proceed with accepting the terms and then use an addendum to change the contract price of the Purchase Contract, since this document cannot alter the terms of the purchase contract.

Items Disapproved:

In this section they list all the things they want you to fix. Sometimes they use plain English like

Fix broken dishwasher  –  or  –  Replace cracked roof tiles

other times they reference the inspection report:

“Fix disconnected gas flue (6.2)”  – which as you can see in the inspection report they are required to provide you, along with the picture showing the problem.

It’s pretty easy to understand what they are asking for.

Other times, you receive sections that look like this:

1.1 Fix or repair
1.3 Replace
1.6 Change out

or even just

4.2, 4.7, 4.9, 5.1

At this point, you would have to go find the inspection report and make a list of everything they want, and then go from there.

Note: Sometimes buyers elect not to provide the inspection report along with their inspection notice because they paid for it and it is their property (which is true). However section 6a, lines 222-223 says: “Buyer shall provide seller and broker upon receipt, at no cost, copies of all inspection reports concerning the Premises obtained by the buyer.” Therefore, not providing the inspection in full is a breach of the purchase contract which can be cured with a cure notice.

Purchase Contract section 6a lines 222-223

Page 2 Seller Response

Assuming the buyer is giving the seller a chance to fix some things, then the seller has 3 options:

  1. Yup I’ll fix all those things
  2. I’m not fixing any of those things
  3. I’ll fix some of those things

And then you list the things you are willing to fix.

If seller has not agreed all items approved:
(basically if you chose options 2 or 3)

  1. Buyer can cancel
  2. Buyer can agrees to only fixing the things you want to fix.

Now, since this form only really gives the buyer the option to accept your things you’ve said you will fix or else cancel the contract, it is easier to call the agent and then haggle back and forth over the phone or email and then once you’ve agreed to what you will fix, then write it on this form and send it back and hopefully they accept.

Remember: Seller only has 5 days to respond, in writing, to this request. So if you are haggling over whats going to be fixed, get it done within 5 days and return the signed form. If you neglect to respond it is deemed a refusal to correct any items!

Purchase Contract Section 6ja lines 275-277

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Important Note: AAR owns these forms and as such I cannot display them on my website. You can go get the document to see it

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