Listing on Just 3K

Terms and Rules

Before listing on Just 3K, there are a few things you should know.

1) Just 3K is free to use

Just 3K provides signs, handles inquiries, and schedules showings of the property. Licensed agents are given codes to the lockbox and access to your property. You only pay the agent that brings a buyer $3000. If that buyer is represented by us, then you pay us $3000. If not, then you pay us nothing.

2) Just 3K does not represent you

If you list on Just 3K, you are representing yourself. We do our best to be fair to all parties, but the system is specifically set up for sellers to represent themselves, and any buyer that comes through our platform will be represented by an approved Just 3K agent.

3) Any buyer or agent can make an offer on your property

However, approved Just 3K agents explicitly agree to our commission structure, which is that you (the seller) are agreeing to pay $3000 to the buyer’s agent. Just 3K Approved Agents are prohibited from asking for more than this from the sellers, but outside agents are outside of our control.

4) Listing on other sites

You are welcome to list your property on other sites and we provide you with flyers, share buttons, and links to do so. However:

  • Terms and Commissions must be the same on all sites

This means you cannot list on our site and be willing to pay a commission, and other sites and not offer the commission. Both the price, the commissions, being offered, and all other terms of the sale must be the same on Just 3K as on any other medium you list your home for sale on. Violation of these terms is grounds for removal of your listing from our database.

  • Selling on another site

If your home is listed on multiple platforms, we encourage you to have potential buyers schedule showings through Just 3K. This is for your protection, since all buyers will be accompanied on showings by licensed and Approved Just 3K Agents. This also ensures that buyers represented by other non-approved agents understand our commission structure. You are allowed to pay agents any amount they ask for, however we want you to know what you are agreeing to pay them and be aware that non-Just 3K Approved agents may ask for more commission.

5) Suggested List Price and Max List Price

When you get a Property Evaluation, you will be presented with several options. We aim to be as accurate as possible with the property evaluations, but are not licensed appraisers and all property evaluations should be regarded as opinions. You are free to list your home at any price you like, however, in order to provide a consistent buying experience for the buyers coming to our site, we set a maximum price. We believe the suggested list price to be the best price for a fast sale at or near the top of what the home sells for, and if you want to list your home for more than the max value than is contained in the Property Evaluation, you are free to do so, however it will not be available to list on our site until the price is within the range given in the Property Evaluation.

6) Commissions are not set by any board

Commissions are set at a fixed rate in order to make the buying and selling experience easy to understand for every listing. You must agree to our commission structure in order to list on Just 3K, however these prices are not set by any board or association, and you are free to list your home on other platforms. But, if listing on Just 3K, you must list on all sites with the same terms as described in Rule #4.

7) You are responsible for the accuracy of your listing

Although as outlined by the Buyer Advisory, the buyer is responsible for verifying all facts, figures, and any other pertinent information pertaining to the property during the inspection period, you (the seller) have a legal duty to ensure that the information you present is accurate and complete to the best of your knowledge. You are required to fill out a SPDS form once you accept an offer, however we suggest you download a sample and be familiar with what is on it before listing your home for sale.

8) Collection of Personal Data

Just 3K collects personally identifiable information such as phone numbers and email address and information about your home search which it passes along to our Just 3K Approved Agents only when you are ready to schedule a showing or contact an agent. 

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