Small Town with Big Attractions

Litchfield is one of the smallest incorporated communities in the Phoenix metro with only about 6,000 residents. It wasn’t incorporated until 1987, although the area was originally built for Goodyear executives to stay in when would come down to check on the tire factory in the appropriately named Goodyear. The entire area technically within city limits is just 3.2 square miles.

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Although small, Litchfield Park is home to some truly great attractions and workplaces. It is home to the truly amazing Wildlife World Zoo, which houses hundreds of animals from all over the world in a unique and up close setting, as well as a humongous aquarium and reptile center. You can feed birds and giraffes, and easily spend a day here in this longtime local favorite. It is also home to the Wigwam Resort, with one of the best golf courses in the whole Phoenix Metro Area.

Wildlife World Zoo

Wigwam Golf Resort

F-35 at Luke Air Force Base

One of the major features of Litchfield Park and the surrounding areas is the presence of nearby Luke Air Force Base. This can be a positive or a negative, depending on whether you like seeing the amazing F-35’s flying overhead or not. It is also a major employer in the area, with a lot of Air Force personnel and contractors nearby, something can be said for safety in the area. However, if the noise if the jets flying overhead is not for you, you may want to avoid Litchfield Park.

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