Always Included

  • Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election (READE)
  • Purchase Contract
  • Pre-Qualification (or proof of funds if cash offer)
  • Unrepresented Seller Compensation Agreement


Sometimes Included

  • Buyer- Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement (but you will not have to sign this)
  • HOA Addendum (you will sign, and verify that all information is correct, and possibly fill in all the numbers you will need to get from HOA)
  • Market Conditions Advisory


Broker-Specific Forms

  • Affiliated Businesses
  • Wire Fraud Advisories


Should Never Include:

  • Consent to Limited Representation

The Offer Outline

Every offer from a Just 3K Approved Agent is required to outline the most important information contained in the offer. It can be difficult to locate all the bits from the actual purchase contract, so they gather them and deliver them in an email with the offer. Here is the information it must contain:

  • Purchase price (the offer)
  • Earnest money (and where it will go at COE)
  • Down Payment (in addition to earnest money)
  • Amount being financed
  • Type of financing
  • Inspection period # of days
  • Close of escrow
  • Seller concessions
  • Home warranty
  • Personal property included

You will still need to review the purchase contract, which I go into detail in this post.


Once you accept an offer, the buyer’s agent will send you another email with important dates, since they can be difficult to figure out.

  • Contract Date
  • Inspection Period Ends
  • Close of Escrow

Always Included


Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election

States the name of the real estate agent representing which client, and what their duties will be to that client.


Purchase Contract

This is the actual offer that spells out all the terms of the contract. You should read my article explaining the Purchase Contract before agreeing to it.



Although this is often not sent with the offers, it is required by the purchase contract in section 2a, line 69. If you don’t see this with the offer, you should ask for it before accepting an offer, but don’t be surprised (or upset) to have to ask for it from the buyer’s agent. In this busy market, the agent may not send it until they know they have a seller that is ready to accept, and it may need to be quickly updated by the lender. Read more about this document here.


Unrepresented Seller Compensation Agreement

This is the document that makes our business possible. This document explicitly outlines that you are agreeing to pay the buyer’s agent a set compensation, which in our case is $3000, and that the buyer’s agent does not represent you in any way. Read more about this document here

Sometimes Included


HOA Addendum (or Planned Community Development)

This should always be included if you live in an HOA. The numbers for monthly payments, transfer fees, and special assessments should be verified by you the homeowner, even if they are filled in by the buyer’s agent. You are untimately responsible for the accuracy of these numbers, and by signing, you are promising that they are correct. Read more here


Buyer-Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement

You don’t need to see this document as it outlines the employment agreement between the buyer’s agent and the buyer, but some agents send it with the offer anyway. You should not have to sign this document if you are the seller.


Market conditions Advisory

This document says that the real estate market goes up and down and is pretty commonly sent with the offers and required to be signed by both parties to the contract.

Broker Specific Forms


These are not required by the contract, but brokers may require them for their own legal purposes. Its common to see wire fraud advisories, affiliated business disclosures, or other forms that relate specifically to the buyer’s broker. They may or may not need to be signed by you, the seller.



Consent to Limited Representation

This should never be included with an offer from a Just 3k Approved Agent. But, if you receive an offer from an outside agent, they may try to get you to sign an agreement allowing them to represent both sides of the transaction, instead of using the Unrepresented Seller Compensation Agreement. If you don’t want an agent representing you (and if you’re reading this you probably don’t) you should not sign this form.


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