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Always $3000 Listing Commission

✓ $0 Upfront Cost
✓ Research Comps to Maximize Value
✓ Professional Photos
✓ Build Buzz in “Coming Soon”
✓ Showing Times Controlled by YOU
✓ Showing Feedback 
✓ Gather Offers and Qualify Buyers
✓  Choose the Offer that Works for You


✓ Faster     ✓ Smoother     ✓ More Profitable!

Choose the Buyer’s Agent Commission:

Just 3K

*Lowest Commissions!

$3000 –  Listing Agent
$0 – Buyer’s Agent

  • No buyer agent commission offered to maximize net
  • We look directly for buyers or buyers can pay for their own representation if they choose to have an agent

Flat 3K

*Great Value!

$3,000 – Listing Agent
$3,000 – Buyer’s Agent

  • Each agent is offered a flat rate commission of $3000
  • Ideal if costs need to be tightly controlled

Traditional 3K

*Most Popular!

$3,000 – Listing Agent
3% – Buyer’s Agent

  • Offering a traditional commission to buyer’s agent attracts more agents to bring their buyers to your listing
  • Ideal for those who want the fastest, easiest method of selling


Our Agent Free Guarantee means that if the buyer does not have an agent, you do not have to pay for one!

This ensures you always maximize the most on every listing, and is automatically included on all listing plans.

Commissions Saved By Our Clients in 2020 alone


Start With a Property Evaluation

  • Detailed Analysis Shows Your Home Value Based on Comparable Sales
  • Adjusted for Upgrades and Other Factors
  • Compare How Much You Will Net Selling With Each Listing Model
  • Make a Decision on Your Own Time (No High-Pressure Sales Pitches)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any cost if the house doesn't sell or if I change my mind?

Absolutely not. Cancel the contract at any time you are not happy with our services, and no commission is paid until the house closes escrow.

Can I choose some other amount other than one of your 3 standard models?

Sure! We can customize the buyer’s agent commission to suit your desires.

Can I choose which services work best for my home sale?

Generally speaking, all of our listings include the same set of services. However; we can tailor things like showings, open houses, signage, lockbox usage, etc. to suit your preferences of privacy or showing times.