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AAR owns these forms and as such I cannot display them on my website. You can go get the document if you want to see it ahead of time click to go to AAR Sample Forms, then click “Unrepresented Seller Compensation Agreement” (it’s at the very bottom).

Nothing on this page should be construed as legal advice. If you want legal advice, you should get it, and you should get it from a lawyer.

The Unrepresented Seller Compensation Agreement document is really the core of what sets us apart from our competition. We empower you, the seller, with knowledge to be able to represent yourself in a real estate transaction, and still give payment to real estate agents for the job of locating buyers, showing them homes, and writing the contracts.

When you receive an offer from an agent, this form should be included. This form is the agreement which clarifies that you, the seller, are unrepresented, and that the buyer is represented, and that you are willing to pay him a commission.

You should read the whole document, as usual, but there’s only one real option here, and it’s found on line 12:

Page 1

Section 1

  • You, the seller, (enter name) are agreeing to pay the buyer’s BROKER (brokerage name).
  • This agreement starts and ends
  • Property commonly known as is your address
  • Broker Represents (buyer’s name)

"Seller agrees to pay Broker compensation in the amount amount equal to _____% of the sales price or $_______."

Verify that you know how much the buyer’s agent is charging.


Just 3K agents are only allowed to enter $3000 in this section, but any agent from outside our system may make offers and ask for different amounts of commission. That’s fine, just so long as you know what you will be paying beforehand.


You agree to pay broker (buyer’s agent) if you enter into an agreement with the buyer (which you are) during the terms of this contract or in X number of days afterward.

Note: Agents usually put 180 days from the expiration of their offer on this line. This protects us from seller’s just taking the home off the market and selling to the buyer without having to pay commissions, even though we did the work of finding the buyer.

____% or $____

Offers from Just 3K Approved Agents should have nothing in the %, and 3000 in the $ section. Offers from outside agents could have anything here, so be careful what you sign!

Buyer Agency

This agent represents the buyer, and only represents the buyer’s interests, and as such, does not have to do much for you other than not lie to you.


Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be mediated, and costs will be split equally.


The seller and the buyer’s agent sign this. Since the buyer is not involved in this one, they are not on it

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